Ind AS/IFRS Advisory

Ind AS/IFRS Advisory


India adopted converged version of IFRS known as Ind AS from FY 15-16 onwards. This led to a revolution in accounting fundamentals and principles which were followed traditionally.

Ind AS is now applicable to all corporate houses which are listed on any recognized stock exchange or whose net worth is equal to or more than INR 250 crore.

Very few professionals in country have practical experience in adopting Ind AS and we can help companies in not just adopting Ind AS but also in quarterly/yearly preparation of Ind AS financial statements for various regulatory purposes.


  • Transition of financial statements from IGAAP to Ind AS
  • Evaluating various optional & mandatory exemptions and their impacts on the Financial Statements of Companies
  • Opinions on Ind AS implications on various new schemes
  • Preparation of template along with disclosure requirements to guide companies in coming years
  • Sharing of technical literature and guidance to all company personnel
  • Conducting training sessions for employees of the company