Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory

Businesses today are surrounded by various operational & regulatory risk. Risk identification & mitigation has become empirical. The very survival of the business depends on how they mitigate the risks and how well prepared the organizations are in case of events turning for worse.


To build confidence amongst management and provide them with more arsenal to face risk, we provide risk advisory services like internal audit with focus on identification of focal points where your critical systems are not properly in place or non-existent and assist you in implementing the systems effectively and efficiently.


Continuous improvement in processes, systems, people & related infrastructure is what makes an organization build value internally. In order to achieve this, we assist clients in continuously monitoring their processes & suggest various improvement opportunities. We also assist clients in benchmarking their processes with industry best practices.



  • Early identification of system loopholes
  • Well defined network of authority & responsibility
  • No surprises
  • Large scale expansion on back of robust systems



  • Assessment of the various processes including Finance, Human Resources, Admin, IT etc
  • Assessing the product costing methodology of the company to make it more robust
  • Identifying risk areas and defining controls to mitigate them
  • Identifying the improvement opportunities to make processes more efficient and effective
  • Implementation of improvement opportunities along with system enhancement and organization restructuring
  • Periodic testing of the efficiency and effectiveness of the controls