Legal Drafting

Legal Drafting

Where we can  help:

The evolving technological environment has brought along with it the modes of faceless proceedings for litigation, automated or prefilled filings for compliance, and complexity in transaction structuring for businesses.

As a downside of these developments, the government systems have become more rigid when we look at the interaction between the government and business. When we look at the interaction between one business and another business, the understanding of terms and conditions has become difficult on account of these technological advancements.

This has augmented the need for written communications and correspondences, preparation and execution of MOU’s, contracts, agreements, deeds and wills among other things.

Our experienced team can help in smoothening this burden by drafting and executing all such necessary documents be it for any proceedings before a government authority, or for carrying out commercial transactions or consummating any business arrangements.

Overview of our services:

Correspondence with revenue authorities: Drafting and filing of any grievances, petitions, applications, or replies to any notices, questionnaires, or proposed orders.

Preparing agreements and deeds in case of an individual: Gift deeds, wills, trust deeds, affidavits, agreements, partnership deeds, HUF deeds, dissolution deeds, loan agreements, etc.

Drafting agreements and documents in case of a corporate: Shareholders’ Agreements, Share Subscription deeds, MOUs, Memorandum of Associations, Articles of Associations, hire purchase agreements, NDA, Non-compete Agreements or Employee contracts, etc.

Representations to government departments: As a matter of prudence, any formal communication ought to be in writing. Seeking or providing information or permissions from government authorities, requests for relief, grants or approval are more often than not required in written forms.

Other corporate draftings:  Drafting of minutes, resolutions, vendor or customer agreement templates, investor pitches, reports, and certificates, among other things